Thursday, January 23, 2014

Welcome to the Arizona East Valley Celiac Disease Foundation Page

Welcome to the Arizona East Valley Celiac Support Group!!!
The mission of the Arizona East Valley Celiac Disease Foundation Chapter is to offer both knowledge and support to those with Celiac and other related diseases, while creating a greater awareness not only within the Arizona East Valley community, but in any and all other areas that we can. Additionally, we work to empower our members to assert their dietary needs, pursue better health care, and support the best gluten free products and services to maintain good health in mind, body, and spirit.

The East Valley Celiac Disease Foundation Support Group began holding monthly meetings in October 2009!

WHEN Do we meet?
 2014 Calendar:
Jan 15
Feb 19...
Mar 19
Apr 16
May- Celiac Awareness Month- watch for event details
Jun 18
Jul 16
Aug 20
Sept 17
Nov 12
Dec 10

3155 S San Tan Village Parkway , Gilbert, Arizona 85295

What Time?


Do I need to bring anything?

Our support group is meant for all those that are not only just learning about the gluten free lifestyle and how to properly live it, but those who have been living the lifestyle for a long time and know that there is ALWAYS something new to learn living gluten free. We have become a gluten free family as we share each others struggles and triumphs. So bring your self and your willingness to learn, that's all! But if you find it in your heart to give back monetarily to your local non-profit Celiac group ( us), we have a donation jar at the check in table too.

Please contact Christy or Brigette with any questions:

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