Thursday, January 23, 2014

Welcome to the Arizona East Valley Celiac Disease Foundation Page

Welcome to the Arizona East Valley Celiac Support Group!!!
The mission of the Arizona East Valley Celiac Disease Foundation Chapter is to offer both knowledge and support to those with Celiac and other related diseases, while creating a greater awareness not only within the Arizona East Valley community, but in any and all other areas that we can. Additionally, we work to empower our members to assert their dietary needs, pursue better health care, and support the best gluten free products and services to maintain good health in mind, body, and spirit.

The East Valley Celiac Disease Foundation Support Group began holding monthly meetings in October 2009!

WHEN Do we meet?
 2014 Calendar:
Jan 15
Feb 19...
Mar 19
Apr 16
May- Celiac Awareness Month- watch for event details
Jun 18
Jul 16
Aug 20
Sept 17
Nov 12
Dec 10

3155 S San Tan Village Parkway , Gilbert, Arizona 85295

What Time?


Do I need to bring anything?

Our support group is meant for all those that are not only just learning about the gluten free lifestyle and how to properly live it, but those who have been living the lifestyle for a long time and know that there is ALWAYS something new to learn living gluten free. We have become a gluten free family as we share each others struggles and triumphs. So bring your self and your willingness to learn, that's all! But if you find it in your heart to give back monetarily to your local non-profit Celiac group ( us), we have a donation jar at the check in table too.

Please contact Christy or Brigette with any questions:


Our meeting this next month is a HUGE meeting! We are working with restaurants across the east valley to bring you an amazing chefs panel. Places like:

H & H City Pizza
The Hub Bar and Grill
Cafe 8
JP Pancake
24 carrots

and possibly a few more!

Along with our Chefs panel, it is our BIG raffle month and a chance to raise funds for our chapter for celiac awareness programs and events. If there is ever a month to bring a donation to the chapter, this is it! Prizes include:

JP pancakes gift certificates
Chipotle Catering gift certificate
GF Cook Books
Gluten Free Country Store gift bag
Namaste Products
the Good Egg gift certificates
and a few more....

Monday, February 18, 2013

Past Meetings: January 2013

For WEDNESDAY January 16, 2013: "New Year, New You" meeting with the original "Food Freak" and expert Kirstin Carey of Nourish 123, skincare expert Char McCreadie, a gluten free salon owner AND Gilberts own Taste Buds frozen yogurt!!

This is our annual "New Year, New You" meeting! Here's your kick start for living gluten free in 2013. You will learn from many professionals who to accomodate your gluten free life whether due to gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, they will have the answers you have been looking for. Gilbert's own Taste Buds frozen yogurt shop will be there with their delicious, gluten free frozen yogurt and an array of toppings discussing with you their practices for keeping things truly gluten free and providing you with a healthy treat!

In addition to the above, everyone will go home with a KIND bar and a bag of Jovial pasta to start your new year off healthy!! We look forward to seeing you all Wednesday the 16th-Thanks! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Past Meeting: December 2012

For (TOMORROW) December 12, 2012 (SECOND WED. THIS MONTH): Annual Holiday Goodie Exchange and big raffle including copies of Kathy Addis' book PLUS Kathy's cookies decorating station and group discussion on "Holiday Favorites Made Gluten Free"!!

This is our Annual "Gluten Free/Celiac Family" Holiday Goodie Exchange! Have you been left out of holiday cookie/goodie exchanges due to your celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? Well not to worry, come enjoy all your favorite gluten free holiday goodies made gluten free (some dairy and other allergen free as well) with your gluten free/celiac family. We will provide the milk and eggnog (dairy free as well), and you just bring a few dozen of your favorite gluten free goodie to exchange and share. Every year we have so many great cookies to taste and take home so come enjoy time this holiday season with your gluten free and/or celiac family at this exciting, yearly event. Visit, eat and enjoy lots of great prizes we will be raffling off! We now have copies of the most current issues of Delight Gluten Free Magazine in our library for you to enjoy before, during and after the meeting as well as many books to check out. 

Our speaker for the evening, Kathy Addis, who is a Tucson valley baker and book author is sadly not able to attend due to changes in her schedule, however she is sending copies of her wonderful book for us to raffle off and is also making cookies for everyone to decorate! We will have a group discussion on how to make our holiday favorites gluten free. We look forward to seeing you all Wednesday the 12th. Thanks! :)

**If you would like to enjoy tasting the cookies this evening by participating in the cookie exchange please bring a few dozen of your favorite holiday goodies with the recipe to put in front of your platter. You will exchange yours for others and take home a great assortment of cookies!**

Monday, December 10, 2012

Past Meeting: November 2012

For November 14, 2012 (SECOND WED. THIS MONTH): Annual Thanksgiving Feast and Speaker-Danell Fitzgerald of our valley's own, Danell's Signature Blends on "Holiday Appetizers (Sweet & Savory) Made Gluten Free"!!

This is our Annual "Gluten Free/Celiac Family" Thanksgiving Feast! Have you been worried about enjoying a gluten free Thanksgiving this year? Not to worry, come enjoy all your favorites made gluten free (some dairy and other allergen free as well) with your gluten free/celiac family. We will provide the Honey Baked Ham, which is gluten free and delicious! Danell will also be providing some sweet and savory holiday appetizers to share from her discussion on "Holiday Appetizers, Sweet & Savory, Made Gluten Free". Every year we have an amazing spread almost too big to fit on one large table that feeds our gluten free and/or celiac family at this exciting, yearly event. Visit, eat and enjoy education and cooking demonstration from a great speaker! Please help us with the rest of the sides and pies/desserts:
  • Please reply to this email with the side, pie or dessert you will be providing asap so we can keep track and try to organize so we don't have too many of the same thing. **Also, please be sure to bring an index card or paper with all ingredients so we can place it in front of your dish for those who have multiple food allergies. If you would like to bring copies of your recipe, feel free to do so, although this is not required. 
Our speaker for the evening, Danell Fitzgerald, who is an amazing gluten free valley baker and fabulous speaker who does classes all over the valley will be educating us on how to get through this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday while living gluten free. She will show us how to make sweet & savory gluten free, holiday appetizers. We look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday, and don't forget to reply with what side, pie or dessert you will be bringing to share with the group. Thanks! :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Past Meeting: October 2012

For October 17, 2012: Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity Awareness and helping family and friends understand more fully-PLUS Gluten Free Chili Cook Off with Prizes!!

Ken Sheer of Rock a Healthy Lifestyle will be our guest speaker for the evening. He will be speaking on the following topics:
  • Educating those we are close to as well as the general community on the importance of celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and other food allergies and the lifestyle we MUST live 

  • Helping those closest to us (Spouse, other family members...) know how they can help
  • Being our own advocate
Ken has been featured on ABC 15 and Channel 3. He has been living with multiple food allergies including gluten and dairy for over 17 years. Ken is the founder of the Gluten Free Foodie Tour. Learn more about the events he does, including the one happening at Ghengis Grill THIS Thursday here

In addition to hearing from this knowledgeable speaker, we will be featuring having a delicious Chili cookoff! All are encouraged, but not required to bring in your favorite chili or cornbread dish to be in the running for awesome prizes. Come hungry as we will also be featuring Udi's gluten free bread and sending you home with cookies and brownies from nationwide vendors!! We look forward to seeing you all Wednesday! :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Past Meeting: September 2012

For September 19, 2012: Celiac Disease & Your Health: Medical Advisory Panel and Q&A

We have a wonderful board of medical advisors who were excited to educate our attendees on celiac and gluten sensitive related issues. They answered your questions and were available after for one on one speaking. We are grateful for such knowledgeable medical professionals who have offered their time to speak to our group. This was an opportunity to visit for FREE with medical professionals from around the valley all in one place. This is an Annual meeting that supplies so much to our attendees. Refreshments were served by Gilbert's own Topit Cupcakes. Their gluten free cupcakes were awesome!