Monday, December 10, 2012

Past Meeting: November 2012

For November 14, 2012 (SECOND WED. THIS MONTH): Annual Thanksgiving Feast and Speaker-Danell Fitzgerald of our valley's own, Danell's Signature Blends on "Holiday Appetizers (Sweet & Savory) Made Gluten Free"!!

This is our Annual "Gluten Free/Celiac Family" Thanksgiving Feast! Have you been worried about enjoying a gluten free Thanksgiving this year? Not to worry, come enjoy all your favorites made gluten free (some dairy and other allergen free as well) with your gluten free/celiac family. We will provide the Honey Baked Ham, which is gluten free and delicious! Danell will also be providing some sweet and savory holiday appetizers to share from her discussion on "Holiday Appetizers, Sweet & Savory, Made Gluten Free". Every year we have an amazing spread almost too big to fit on one large table that feeds our gluten free and/or celiac family at this exciting, yearly event. Visit, eat and enjoy education and cooking demonstration from a great speaker! Please help us with the rest of the sides and pies/desserts:
  • Please reply to this email with the side, pie or dessert you will be providing asap so we can keep track and try to organize so we don't have too many of the same thing. **Also, please be sure to bring an index card or paper with all ingredients so we can place it in front of your dish for those who have multiple food allergies. If you would like to bring copies of your recipe, feel free to do so, although this is not required. 
Our speaker for the evening, Danell Fitzgerald, who is an amazing gluten free valley baker and fabulous speaker who does classes all over the valley will be educating us on how to get through this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday while living gluten free. She will show us how to make sweet & savory gluten free, holiday appetizers. We look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday, and don't forget to reply with what side, pie or dessert you will be bringing to share with the group. Thanks! :)

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